Appeal of Dr. Tanveer Ahmed (Community development specialist) to International Agencies for the support of HANDS

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While more than seven million people have been affected by the floods in Sindh since they began less than 50 days ago, HANDS is urgently calling on the international donor community to expedite its response in order to give critical and life-saving relief to those in need. The international aid agency warned that as the numbers of people affected continue to rise, deaths could increase and millions of futures destroyed if funding remains slow.“The lives of those affected by the floods is hanging in a balance. Millions still don’t have access to food, water, sanitation, shelter and healthcare. Pakistan cannot afford a slow response to this disaster. Time is of the essence if the situation is to be controlled. Every ounce of resource available including those stocked up in warehouses must be mobilized now. “The number of deaths are increasing each passing day. Hundreds of thousands of people still remain trapped in flood waters awaiting rescue. Those who have managed to escape literally have to fight to get hold of the relief supplies being distributed. The amount of aid available is simply not enough. The government, international humanitarian and donor community, must gear-up their response for affected community which is found helpless alongside of road”, Women and children are the hardest hit. According to HANDS rapid assessment at least 115,000 women in the flood affected areas are pregnant, and everyday close to 400 women go into labour. At least 60 have life-threatening pregnancy complications. Their immunity against diseases has eroded drastically, and, women who are already anaemic are now more prone to diseases and pregnancy complications.As the rains continue to fall and stagnant waters become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, women and children are now more vulnerable to water and vector borne diseases than ever. According to an estimate, over one million children are at serve risk of contracting flood-related diseases.“The resilience of Pakistanis has been pushed over the edge by two floods in a row. HANDS place women and children at the heart of all its operations. We are working around the clock to ensure women and children have access to clean water and sanitation to help ward off the threat of diseases”.In this situation HANDS along with its partners have reached more than 91,3000 people with clean water supplies, conducted hygiene promotion sessions to raise awareness with 136396 people, provided more than 53400 people with hygiene kits and have assisted in food 142,049 people. You can view our detail activities through visiting our website: .This disaster created more devastation than previous. HANDS is standing with those affected communities. HANDS is the most reputable, transparent organization. Thus, you are requested to kindly support us so that we can be able to alleviate the miseries of these communities. We are on call if you have any question or query you can freely contact us.