AMDA emergency relief for earthquake in Western Pakistan

The deadliest earthquake that hit the province of Baluchistan, the northwest of Quetta, on the Oct. 29th has caused the loss of 166 lives and has wounded 370 people, according to the announcement made by the Pakistani government on Nov.7th.

The displaced population has topped 68,200 and some 7,600 houses have been destroyed in the most devastated Ziarat (110km northwest of Quetta.) It is reported that a half of the affected population is children in the area.

In Baluchistan, some of the affected areas are not accessible due to landslides. Shelters, food, outfits for cold weather, emergency medical assistance, water and public health facilities are greatly needed.

On Nov.9th, AMDA Pakistan (Karachi) and AMDA Afghanistan (Kabul) have each deployed a relief team for a possible joint effort in Ziarat.

1) AMDA Pakistan:

AMDA Pakistan's team consists of four surgeons and two drivers from Karachi's Baqai Medical University Hospital.

On Nov.9th after obtaining medicines for children, the team visited relief camps (set by local NGO) at the villages of Kawas, Zimtra, Barchon in Ziarat.

On Nov. 10th, in consultation with local government, the team will make a decision on further initiatives after assessing the needs around Kawas. AMDA Pakistan's doctors reported that the demands for mental care, surgical operations and female doctors are high in the area.

2) AMDA Afghanistan:

AMDA Afghanistan's team consists of two doctors, two nurses, one coordinator from Kabul's local NGO, Afghanistan Health and Development Service (AHDS).

The team has arrived in Kandahar on Nov. 9th, and will be later joined by AMDA Afghanistan's chairperson on Nov. 11th. The team is expected to meet with the Pakistani team in Ziarat afterwards.

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