Additional 5 million euros for Pakistan disaster relief

Newsflash | 5 November 2010

Responding to a new international appeal by the United Nations, the Netherlands is providing an additional 5 million euros for victims of the disastrous flooding in Pakistan. The Dutch contribution, earmarked for emergency relief and initial reconstruction, will be managed by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

The Dutch contribution will enable UNICEF to immediately provide food to infants, young children and their mothers, clean drinking water and sanitary facilities, and emergency schools.

According to the UN, 14 million Pakistanis will need help between now and September 2011. The new UN appeal asks for a total of 2 billion dollars: four times as much as initially requested when the disaster began. The additional funds for UNICEF bring Dutch disaster relief for Pakistan to a total of 14.6 million euros, drawn from the existing development cooperation budgets.

The heavy monsoon rains this summer in Pakistan caused the worst floods in living memory. The UN estimates that 20 million people have been affected. It is vital to prevent the spread of diseases like cholera, which are caused by contaminated drinking water and poor sanitation - this would amount to a new disaster.