AAI Continues to Cooperate With Local Partners in Pakistan in 2011-12

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AAI continues to cooperate with local organisations based in Pakistan’s Sindh and Punjab provinces. After AAI’s response to the humanitarian emergency created by the 2010-11 Pakistan floods, AAI has continued its strong relationship with local partner organisation, the The Hunar Foundation.

The Hunar Foundation is setting the benchmark for vocational training in Pakistan, getting people off the streets and into employment. The Hunar Foundation’s initial model institute is situated in central Karachi with land already donated for a number of subsequent institutes in the Sindh and Punjab provinces, including a women’s institute in Karachi.

“The Hunar Foundation is leading the way in vocational training in Pakistan” commented Gordon Willcock, AAI Operations Manager, after his recent trip to Pakistan. Mr. Willcock went on to say that in “Pakistan there is a large population under the age of thirty and all competing for jobs. Access to good education is not always available and even with education, gaining employment is very difficult. It is for this reason that vocational training is vital for young men and women attempting to find work to support their families.”

The Hunar Foundation Karachi Campus The Hunar Foundation Karachi campus is teaching Plumbing, Electronics and Welding

Education in its entirety is a challenge for Pakistan with large numbers of children out of school and even more young adults having very little formal education or training.

While it is essential to improve access to general education in Pakistan, it is also vital to promote practical vocational training in order to give young people the much needed skills to gain employment. In 2012, AAI will continue to work with The Hunar Foundation.