Baluchistan Earthquake, Pakistan Update 6, 29 September 2013

from Islamic Relief
Published on 29 Sep 2013

Humanitarian situation

• As per the initial data provided by IR assessment team, out of 8 union councils of Awaran district, 5 have been adversely affected from the earthquakes of 24th and 28th September. NDMA has confirmed death of 359 persons (313 and 46 in Awaran and Kech districts respectively), whereas more than 765 persons are injured and of which around 300 injured persons have been airlifted to either Karachi or neighbouring districts.

• IR team from Aawaran reported that majority of the relief efforts is focused on the Awaran tehsil.

• In district Awaran a forum has been formed by the name of Awaran Disaster Response Forum by Commissioner Kalat Division. The forum is being chaired by Deputy GM NCHD who will be responsible to coordinate with all I/NGOs and provide support in case of any issues.

• IR assessment team in Awaran reported that despite efforts by PDMA, NDMA and other organizations, support has not reached several villages of Mashkay and Awaran tehsil. During their meetings with affected people, government health department and NGOs, following immediate needs were identified:

• Safe and clean drinking water
• Food Items
• Tents
• NFI (House hold kits, Kitchen Kits)
• Hygiene Kits