WHO Special Situation Report: occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza (December 2017 to January 2018)

Situation Report
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  • Violent escalations and clashes in December and January resulted in 11 deaths and 5,632 reported cases of injuries. Hospitals faced difficulties to cope with the influx of trauma patients and requested support from the international community for prepositioned medical supplies.

  • Continued power cuts are placing an increasing burden on the health sector. In order to rationalize fuel, the MoH has partially closed Beit Hanoun hospital, leaving only the Emergency Department functioning at minimal capacity. With its closure and other strict contingency measures enforced by the MoH, the reserve fuel will last until mid-March.

  • In January, out of the 516 essential drugs, a total of 40% were completed depleted. These include drugs used in emergency departments and other critical units. Out of the 853 essential disposables, 26% have been reported at less than one month’s supply.

  • WHO is currently in the process of disseminating over $1 million USD worth of medical equipment and procuring over $1.2million USD worth of drugs and disposables.

  • The Health Cluster, led by WHO is currently reviewing its emergency preparedness and response activities with the active involvement of over 20 leading agencies.