What DFID's humanitarian work has achieved in Gaza

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Cash-for-Work (CFW) / Cash / Livelihoods

- Number of direct beneficiaries from CFW activities 2987

- Estimated number of families benefiting from CFW income 17,921

- Number of women participated in CFW activities 135

- Amount of money distributed through CFW activities =A3510,346

- Number of CFW days created 45,118

- Number of households benefiting from cash, CFW or livelihoods support 4,035

- Number of people benefiting from 4035 cash/CFW/livelihhoods 24,210

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

- Number of litres of water distributed 43,000,000

- Number of people benefiting from improved access to water 146,314

- Number of people benefiting from improved sanitation facilities 17,100


- Number of non-food item (NFI) beneficiaries 1,942

- Number of schools repaired 20


- Number of beneficiaries of nursing/rehabilitation sessions 432

- Number of people benefiting from devices and/or prosthesis 317

- Number of beneficiaries from awarness raising activities 4,431

Mines Action

- Number of school children benefiting from UXO clearance (access to school) 220,000

- Number of sites made safe 243


- Number of children and care givers benefited from psychosocial support 6,754