WFP Palestine Monthly Market Dashboard Issue No. 1 - July 2021



The monthly market dashboard presents price trends for the staple commodities, and cash crops which are the most consumed by Palestinians.

In the West Bank, in July white flour, lentils, chickpeas, vegetable oil, and tomato prices experienced a slight decrease, while potato prices stayed at the same level compared to June. In the Gaza Strip, white flour, lentils, and chickpeas prices decreased compared to June, while vegetable oil and potato prices experienced a slight increase. Local white flour experienced a 9.73% increase compared to July 2020.Also, In the Gaza Strip Tomato prices experienced a sharp increase of 51.85% and reached NIS 1.64 compared to NIS 1.08 in June. This sharp increase can be explained by the shortage of tomato supply in the market as a result of the high temperature and its impact on the flower and cultivation quantities.

Excellent gasoline 95, one of the most used fuels in Palestine, recorded the highest price since January 2020 and reached NIS 6.08 per liter for the second month in a row.

The monthly average value of WFP rations decreased slightly by 1.47% compared to the previous month (to note that the ration is dependent on (NIS/US$) exchange rate).
Consumer Price Index (inflation rate) and Food CPI increased compared to June by 0.13% and 0.32% respectively. Also, CPI and Food CPI increased compared to July 2020 by 2.29%, and 4.13% respectively