WFP Palestine Monthly Market Dashboard - December 2021



The monthly market dashboard presents price trends for staple commodities and cash crops most consumed by Palestinians.

In the West Bank, in December 2021, the prices of chickpeas and lentils decreased by 0.23% and 0.78% respectively compared with November prices. Wheat flour and vegetable oil prices increased slightly by 0.61 and 0.55% respectively, West Bank potato prices showed the highest monthly increase—rising by 31.15% in December reaching NIS 4.28 per Kg. Tomato prices increased by 4.99% in over the month.

In the Gaza Strip, potato prices had the highest price increase from November to December rising by 14.17% reaching NIS 2.01 per Kg. Wheat flour, chickpeas, corn oil, and tomato prices decreased slightly, while lentils experienced a slight increase in December. When compared to December 2020, the prices of wheat flour, lentils, and corn oil experienced notable increases of 14.29%, 20.45%, and 32.25% respectively.

Excellent gasoline 95, one of the most commonly used fuels in Palestine, decreased slightly by 0.32% compared to November, but is still 16.29% more expensive than in December 2020.

The average value of WFP food ration prices were 9.67% higher than December 2020, and decreased slightly by 0.08% from November to December 2021 reaching USD 9.83 per ration.

The Consumer Price Index (inflation rate) increased by 0.21% from November to December, while the Food CPI decreased by 0.79%. Comparing to one year ago, the CPI and Food CPI increased by 1.30% and 1.60% respectively. When compared to neighboring countries in December, Jordan’s year on year inflation rate reached 2.40%², Egypt's inflation rate reached 6.50%³, and Israel’s inflation rate reached 2.40%⁴.
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