WFP Palestine Country Brief, March 2021

Situation Report
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In Numbers

352,462 people assisted In March 2021

US$3.6 m cash-based transfers made 1,581 mt of food distributed

US$31.8 m six months (May – October 2021) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• In March, WFP provided food assistance through Cash Based Transfers (CBT) in the form of electronic food vouchers to 304,494 poor and severely food insecure Palestinians both in the West Bank and in Gaza Strip, more than 70 percent are women, girls, and boys. Every household received a monthly credit of USD 10.3 per capita on a magnetic card to purchase food of their choice at 276 local retailers across Gaza (200) and the West Bank (76).

• Among the above-mentioned beneficiaries, WFP provided cash assistance to 1,140 families (7,343 people) under its pilot MultiPurpose Cash project in the Gaza Strip. Every family received direct cash worth of USD 336 to cover their essential needs according to their choice.

• WFP has resumed the provision of CBT assistance to 26 institutions in the Gaza Strip which take care of poor and vulnerable children, elderly people, and persons with disabilities.
During closures due to COVID-19 outbreak, food vouchers were delivered to the beneficiaries directly. WFP is supporting 3,200 individuals in 32 institutions: safe homes for women, rehabilitation centers for people with disability, orphanages, elderly homes, and vocational training centers.

• In-kind food distributions under the January-March quarterly distribution were completed in collaboration with Oxfam in Gaza reaching 33,349 people. In the West Bank, 14,619 out of the targeted 37,000 Bedouins and herders living in Area C of the West Bank received their in-kind food rations. The food ration consisted of fortified wheat flour, vitamin-A rich vegetable oil, pulses, and iodized salt.

• The assistance to the COVID-19 beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip will not be extended beyond March 2021. WFP sent a sensitization SMS to remind the beneficiaries that the assistance will be stopped as of 1 April 2021. Through the UN OCHA’s CountryBased Pooled Funds (CBPF), WFP has been supporting more than 24,000 new people affected by COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip.

• WFP is finalizing the second phase of its livelihood strengthening activity through which 100 households in Gaza and 123 households and 3 special care institutions in the West Bank received climate-resilient agricultural assets and training to improve their dietary intake and enhance their livelihoods.
Around one third (27 percent) of the targeted households are headed by women. WFP is preparing to launch the third phase which will target 250 families and special care institutions in Gaza and the West Bank.