WFP Palestine Country Brief, February 2022


In Numbers

  • 370,188 people assisted In February 2022

  • US$3.4 m in WFP cash-based transfers made

  • US$9.8 m in cash-based transfers made through service provision

  • US$12.2 m six-month (March – August 2022) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• In February, WFP supported around 370,188 people in need. Of those, 298,000 received cash-based transfers, fully reaching the prioritized beneficiaries in the West Bank, and 99 percent in Gaza. 72,168 people are reached through the quarterly in-kind distributions.
Resilience and vocational training also continued, as did the operation’s social behaviour change initiative.

• WFP continued the provision of its technical expertise and cash-based transfer platform to other humanitarian agencies to facilitate the implementation of projects. Through this service provision in February,
WFP enabled assistance to about 102,213 households and the redemption/top-up of about US$9.8 million.

• WFP continue to monitor price trends for the most consumed staple commodities and crops in Palestine.
Monitoring analysis of January 2022 shows that WFP food ration prices increased by 9.17 percent compared to January 2021. The increase in vegetable prices can be attributed to cold weather conditions. The Ukraine crisis has increased wheat flour and vegetable prices and is expected to impact commodities prices and supply further. The full Market Dashboard is here.

• The WFP-led National Logistics Sector conducted an Emergency Logistics Response training in Gaza and in Ramallah to strengthen capacity of humanitarian partners. The training was attended by 51 participants in Gaza and 30 participants in Ramallah, from across I/NGOs, UN Agencies, and the Red Cross.

• WFP has launched a Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) in the Gaza Strip as part of its resilience program to improve livelihoods and support economic potential.
In February, WFP offered a Carpentry training and a Smartphone Maintenance training to enable women and youth to learn new employable skills and empowers them to start their own businesses after an internship with local enterprises.

• WFP requires US$ 12.2 million to sustain food assistance through August 2022 to 435,170 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem.