WFP Palestine Country Brief, August 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

  • 352,165 people assisted in August 2020

  • US$3.4 m cash-based transfers made

  • 603 mt of food distributed

  • US$33 m six months (Oct 2020 – March 2021) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• WFP has ensured beneficiaries uninterrupted access to all participating shops (194) in the Cash-Based Transfer (CBT) programme in Gaza despite the lockdown and movement restrictions measures applied following the detection of the first COVID-19 cases inside communities on 24 August. In close coordination with technical staff at line ministries, including the Ministry of interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Development (MoSD), shops opened their doors allowing redemption of food vouchers while following strict precautionary measures including crowd management and use of Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gloves, hygiene materials).

• WFP is topping up the full voucher value on a monthly basis, instead of a bi-monthly voucher top up. This mitigation measure, effective as of 1 September, is intended to give beneficiaries the freedom to redeem their vouchers fully in one visit to the shop during the month hence decreasing the risk of leaving their homes and minimizing pandemic contagion.

• WFP and its implementing partner INGO Oxfam are preparing to launch in mid-September door-to-door in-kind food distributions to the targeted 35,000 people in Gaza. This aims at avoiding gatherings at distribution sites where WFP and Oxfam arrange the delivery of food rations to the targeted families every three months under normal circumstances.

• In-kind food distributions to Bedouin and herding communities in Area C of the West Bank started mid-August in collaboration with UNRWA reaching 19,128 people out of the targeted 37,000 people. Distributions are expected to be completed by midSeptember.

• In support of the MoSD’s response plan, which estimated that 70,000 families (420,000 people) have been affected by the spike in COVID-19 in Gaza, WFP will aim at providing food assistance to the non-refugees (125,000 people). WFP needs USD 4.5 million to provide CBTs (USD 10.3 per capita/month) to the targeted affected people for 3 months.

• Furthermore, WFP will aim at increasing the voucher value (USD 15.30 vs USD 10.30) to 123,200 people who regularly receive WFP’s CBT assistance through the MoSD. Additional USD 2 million are needed to provide this extra assistance for three months.

• In August, WFP Palestine provided food assistance through Cash Based Transfers (CBT) in the form electronic food vouchers to 333,037 poor and severely food insecure Palestinians. Amongst the CBT recipients, more than 58,300, of which 55 percent are women and girls, are affected by COVID-19. Most of these newly registered beneficiaries (99 percent) reside in the West Bank where the impact of job loss linked to anti-COVID-19 closures and lockdowns was most pronounced.

• WFP is partnering with Oxfam in Gaza and the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) to implement the second phase of the resilience strengthening activities. Preparations are underway to provide 200 households in Gaza and in the West Bank agricultural assets such as wicking beds, hydroponics, and home gardens to improve their dietary intake and for income generation