The WCLAC Bulletin - October 2014


Testimony – A woman describes being attacked by settlers during the Olive harvest - On 11 October 2014, a woman and her husband are attacked by a group of Israeli settlers as they harvested their olive trees. Alla lives with her husband and three daughters in the West Bank village of Yasuf. The village is surrounded by three Israeli settlements of Tappuah, Kfar Tappuah and Rechalim. “On 11 October, at about 10:30 a.m., my husband and I were picking olive trees on our land located near the settlement of Tappuah. We were alone that day as the rest of the village had already finished picking their olives in this area. I was filling sacks with olives as my husband was picking a tree on another terrace nearby. When I looked up I saw around seven Israeli settlers crawling on the ground heading towards me. They were wearing traditional Jewish wear and they had covered their faces with cloths. The settlers were carrying wooden clubs.” Read more