The WCLAC Bulletin - July 2017

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WCLAC contributes to the upcoming universal periodical review for Israel – This year, WCLAC contributed to the Human Right’s Council’s Universal Periodical Review for Israel by submitting a report on the situation in Israel/ Palestine regarding the treatment of Palestinian women, and presence of gender based violence. WCLAC put forth recommendations to Israel to identify specific issues which are having the largest and most detrimental effect on women. Included in the report was property destruction, which is recognized by the Committee against Torture as an offence of cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment. WCLAC noted that the housing permit system is discriminatory towards Palestinians and causing physical and psychological distress to women and their families, especially when used as a form of punishment after an attack on Israelis. Field research by WCLAC found that women who posted material on social media which is viewed as 'inciting’ against Israel have been subjected to night raids and attacks. Women human rights defenders participating in peaceful protest, or publishing critical information on Israel have been threatened, abused, and censored. WCLAC supports Palestinian women working in media to have freedom of expression, and not to be persecuted for reporting facts, or peacefully opposing occupation, through legal assistance. The final report on Israel, including submissions from NGO’s, will be published in January 2018.