The war in Gaza (2014) – summary


[4 September 2014] – On 26 August an open-ended ceasefire came into effect bringing an end to the latest fighting in and around Gaza. During the previous 50 days of armed conflict 2,104 Palestinians were killed, including 253 women (12 per cent) and 495 children (24 per cent). During the same period, 69 Israelis were killed including four civilians (6 per cent). According to the UN, at least 69 per cent of Palestinians killed were civilians. It is relevant to note that during Israel’s last major ground operation into Gaza in 2008 (“Operation Cast Lead”), the proportion of Palestinian civilians killed was 55 per cent.

It is estimated that 10,224 Palestinians, including 3,106 children (30 per cent) and 1,970 women (19 per cent) were injured. Preliminary estimates indicate that up to 1,000 of the children injured will have a permanent disability and up to 1,500 orphaned children will need sustained support from the child protection and welfare sectors.

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