UPMRC and Physicians for Human Rights - Israel jointly appeal for an end to the humanitarian nightmare in the Palestinian territories

The 'Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees' and 'Physicians for Human Rights - Israel' jointly appeal for an end to the humanitarian nightmare in the Palestinian territories.
Ramallah is now under complete occupation, 120 tanks are present on the streets, and both helicopters and tanks are bombarding different neighbourhoods with missiles. Two hospitals, the Ramallah Hospital and Ramallah Maternity Hospital, have been fired upon by Israeli troops. Also, as in many places in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, soldiers have this morning fired upon two ambulances in Ramallah.

Additionally the Israeli army is preventing access to medical care for the sick and wounded, by forbidding their movement to hospital, and also by refusing medical teams access to them for treatment at the scene. Clearly, preventing access to the wounded will lead to more deaths; preventing sick people from receiving treatment will also contribute to more deaths.

We urgently demand action from the world - international and humanitarian organizations must immediately force the Israeli government to halt this atrocity. We call upon you to demonstrate, to call governmental representatives, to take any action that will allow Palestinian wounded and ill to receive medical treatment - preventing more unnecessary deaths. We also plead for foreign governments to act to bring an immediate halt to this aggression by the Israeli army, and an end to this humanitarian crisis.

For Details call:

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti 059-254218 (UPMRC)
Hadas Ziv 050-228599 (PHR-Israel)