UNICEF State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report No. 7 (Gaza Escalation) as at 15 July 2021



• Tensions in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, continue. Between 7 May and 13 July six Palestinian children were reported killed in the West Bank and 276 children were reported injured by live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets, concussion grenades, and tear gas. In East Jerusalem, one child was reported killed, 60 children were reported injured, and 145 children were reported arrested.

• In July, the Gaza 2021 Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA) was jointly launched by the World Bank, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN). It estimates the total damage and losses incurred in the Gaza Strip following the latest conflict, including the immediate and short-term needs, as well as the longer-term reconstruction needs, to be between US$290 and US$380 million. UNICEF and the cluster partners contributed to the RDNA development in the WASH, Education and Social Protection sectors.

• In collaboration with implementing partners UNICEF provided 2,629 children in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip with access to Child Protection, Mental Health, and Psychosocial Support Services.

• On 13 July, UNICEF launched summer activities in the Gaza Strip providing access to learning and recreational programmes for 55,000 vulnerable children and adolescents. These activities engage children during the summer break (July and August) in structured child friendly activities which mitigate learning losses and help to overcome mental health distress and trauma. Case management referral pathways are in place. In the same week, UNICEF has started the emergency rehabilitation of the first batch of 20 schools (in total, UNICEF has committed to repair 46 schools hosting 46,241 children - 54 per cent are girls) that will contribute to children going back to school in mid-August.

• Since the ceasefire, UNICEF and partners have ensured access to safe water and adequate sanitation to 300,000 people in the Gaza Strip UNICEF also ensured access to safe water for 355,000 people in the Gaza Strip by supporting the main desalination plants.

• Following the release of the Inter-Agency Flash Appeal, UNICEF requires US$11.3 million to respond to humanitarian and lifesaving needs, of which US$6.7 million remains a gap as of 13 July 2021.