Thursday - Saturday update: Death toll of children rises as Israel pummels Gaza

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SATURDAY UPDATE: Death toll of children rises as Israel pummels Gaza

Ramallah, July 12, 2014—Two more children brought the verified death toll to 23 this week, after DCI-Palestine confirmed the killings of Fatima Mahmoud Lutfi al-Haj, 14, and her brother Saed, 16, on Thursday July 10 in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis.

The children died when their home was targeted by an Israeli airstrike while the family was sleeping at 1.15 am. Six other family members, all adults, died in the bombing, including Fatima and Saed’s parents. The family is survived by two adult children, both of whom were away from the house at the time of the strike. One has been hospitalized in a state of shock.

The strike was not preceded by a so-called “knock on the roof” warning, which Israel has claimed it uses to warn civilians to leave buildings being targeted. Instead, the family’s house was flattened immediately.

The rapidly rising civilian death toll has sparked concern among senior UN officials, who on Friday appealed to all sides to abide by obligations to protect civilians. Operation Protective Edge has now resulted in at least 120 Palestinian deaths. No Israeli deaths have been confirmed, though some Israelis have reportedly sustained injuries.

Efforts by the international community to de-escalate the conflict this week have so far failed, with the Israeli air force striking over 750 targets since Tuesday, as well as calling up 20,000 reservists. Hamas have fired over 180 rockets into Israel, according to The New York Times.

Israeli authorities maintain that they are targeting Hamas militants who are hiding among civilians.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Death toll of children rises as Israel pummels Gaza

Ramallah, July 11, 2014—A further three children were confirmed dead today, bringing the total number of Gaza children killed this week to 21. The children died in a week that has seen the Israeli air force drop hundreds of missiles into crowded residential areas, killing and injuring large numbers of Palestinian civilians.

On Wednesday, July 9, DCI-Palestine confirmed the deaths of seven children as a result of Israeli airstrikes. Today, Mariam Atiya Mohammad al-Arja, 9, was also confirmed to have died on July 9 when her family’s home in the southern Gaza town of Rafah was targeted. Mariam sustained a head injury when the home collapsed on her and her family.

DCI-Palestine confirmed a further four deaths on Thursday, July 10. Abdul Rahman Bassam Abdul Rahman Khatab, 5, was confirmed as the fifth child killed on Thursday, struck in his lower torso by shrapnel that led to his immediate death. He had been at his uncle’s house in Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza.

Today, Nour Marwan Abdullah al-Najdi, 10, from Rafah, became the 21st child confirmed dead this week by DCI-Palestine. She was asleep when a rocket targeted a nearby house, causing the roof of her family’s home to collapse. She, too, died instantly.

Israel continues to drop missiles on Gaza, despite the large number of casualties sustained by children.

THURSDAY UPDATE: Death toll of children rises as Israel pummels Gaza

Ramallah, July 10, 2014—Child fatalities in Gaza continued to rise on Thursday with four more children killed in ongoing Israeli airstrikes. The Israeli assault has seen hundreds of missiles pummel the Gaza Strip, leading to high numbers of injuries and fatalities among civilians. Eighteen children are now confirmed dead.

Aseel Ibrahim Fayek al-Masri, 16, whose 14-year-old brother died in an attack on the family home in Beit Hanoun on Wednesday, died after sustaining injuries in the same incident.

Suleiman Salim Mousa al-Astal, 17, and Mousa Mohammad Taher al-Astal, 14, were killed after being hit by a missile as they sat watching the World Cup with friends on the beach overnight on Thursday. The two boys were among eight reported fatalities after an Israeli aircraft bombed the crowd of people watching the football game.

Abdullah Ramadan Jamil Abu Ghazal, 4, was with his mother in their home when he was hit by shrapnel fragments from an Israeli missile that exploded nearby. Abdullah died instantly when he sustained head injuries.