State of Palestine National WASH Sector Contingency Plan 2016


1 Introduction

This National WASH Sector Contingency Plan has been developed to ensure an effective and timely response to the life- saving humanitarian needs of persons affected from the possible emergency scenarios identified for the West Bank and Gaza. The aim of the document is to provide an operational framework for the Government, UN agencies and NGO’s (international and local) in case of an emergency.

The Contingency Plan and Emergency Preparedness and Response was developed based on the outcome of two workshops held in Gaza in June 2016 and West Bank in July 2016 with the participation of Water Sector partners, Government counterparts as well as stakeholders and service providers.

The plan is not intended to replace any similar existing document of Government or the need of individual agencies related to their own planning, mandate and role within the WASH Sector. The National WASH Sector/Cluster Contingency Plan aims to provide a common coordination platform during the planning and intervention phases required in order to respond in a timely and effective manner in case of an emergency.

The Contingency Plan will be a live document that will need to be updated as needed, taking in consideration the situation changes in the country as well as continuing to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the active WASH partners present at the time of the revision. The Contingency Plan should be revised every six months unless there is a drastic change in the situation.
The WASH Sector Contingency Plan is an operational framework for partners working in the sector and is in-line with the Inter-Agency Contingency Plan (IACP) developed in May 2016 by United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the State of Palestine.