State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report, as of 9 October 2014

Situation Report
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  • In Gaza, Eid al-Adha holiday started on Saturday. Eid is normally celebrated with time off from school and work to enjoy food and gift giving; this year it came in the aftermath of the conflict.

  • With UNICEF support, all 130,000 children in grades 1-9 in MoEHE schools have received school bags and stationery sets and all schools have been supplied with teaching aids and recreational kits.

  • A female died of wounds sustained in the 50 day conflict.

  • A number of security incidents were reported this week but the ceasefire continues to hold.

  • The Fatah-Hamas reconciliation government convened its first-ever cabinet session on 9 October in the Gaza Strip.

  • The number of Internally Displaced Persons in collective shelters is currently 59,059, similar to last week’s number.

  • 65,429 vials of inactivated polio vaccine have arrived in Israel and are awaiting customs clearance. This is in addition to previous UNICEF shipments that have entered Gaza. Essential drugs supplied by UNICEF in two shipments since the onset of the hostilities are benefitting around 136,120 patients.

506 children killed
(Protection Cluster, 24 September 2014)

2,157 total deaths
(Protection Cluster, 24 September 2014)

54,000 children homeless
(OCHA, 4 September 2014)

3,106 children injured
(Protection Cluster, 1 September 2014)

1,500 children orphaned
(Protection Cluster, 1 September 2014)

89 entire families killed
(OCHA, 25 August 2014)