State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report, 30 April – 27 May 2015

Situation Report
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§ On 26 May, a rocket was launched from Gaza, hitting an inhabited area of Ashkelon, resulting in no casualties. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) responded with 10 airstrikes on several Islamic Jihad military sites across Gaza. No casualties were reported.

§ According to the World Bank report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, unemployment in the Gaza Strip is one of the highest in the world at 43% -- nearly 60% amongst youth.

§ Through the work of the UNICEF-supported Family Centres, 8,122 children (4,059 girls and 4,063 boys) and 15,106 caregivers (10,076 females and 5,030 males) were reached since the beginning of 2015.

§ During the reporting period, 38,441 children (19,197 girls and 19,244 boys) and 22,407 caregivers (13,743 females and 8,664 males) have received Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) risk education through radio spots and awareness raising in the Family Centres. In addition, 95,004 governmental school children in the primary school age across the Gaza Strip have received ERW risk education as part of their school curriculum.

§ Since January 2015, UNICEF and its partners Al Nayzak, Ma’an, INJAZ and PalVision reached 21,982 adolescents (boys and girls) in the West Bank and Gaza, through skill-building activities, as part of the Adolescent programme.

§ UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Education to train 11,000 teachers across Palestine on classroom management and the application of non-violence protocols in Gaza.

§ As 27 of May, the number of IDPs stands at 2,071 in 7 UNRWA Collective Centers (CC).