Situation Report: occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza (7 – 20 October 2018)

Situation Report
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  • 9 Palestinians were killed and 1,306 were injured by the Israeli forces during the reporting period from the 7th to the 20th October, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

  • Eight Palestinians, including one child, were killed during the demonstrations, while the ninth was killed due to an Israeli attack, which took place on the 17th October.

  • Out of the total 1,306 injured, 62% (815 people) transferred to MoH hospitals or NGO health facilities, including 168 children and 35 females. The remaining 38% (491) were treated and discharged directly from the trauma stabilization points (TSPs).

  • Out of the total 815 injured people referred to a hospital, 16 were critically life threatening (1%), 299 moderate (23%), 470 mild (36%), and the remaining 30 were unspecified cases due to limited data collection1 .

  • Since the starts of the mass demonstrations, a total of 23,573 people have been injured, of which 5,652 were live ammunition gunshot injuries(23%). From the 5,652 patients, 78% (4,388) are lower limb gunshot injuries.

Caseload of casualties related to the conflict

  • From the 30th of March until the 20th October, 214 people have been killed. Out of the total killed, 198 people were killed by Israeli forces during the demonstrations and 16 people killed during Israeli attacks.

  • The total figure of people injured since 30th March stands at 23,573. From this total, 11,259 (48%) were treated at the TSPs and immediately discharged and the remaining 12,314 (52%) people were transferred for treatment at the emergency departments (ED) at MoH and NGO hospitals.

  • From the cohort of people referred to hospital, 2,163 were children (18%), 770 (6%) were female and 11,544 (94%) were male.