The situation in the Middle East - Report of the Secretary-General (A/72/333) [EN/AR]

from UN General Assembly
Published on 14 Aug 2017 View Original


The present report contains replies received from Member States in response to the note verbale by the Secretary-General of 2 May 2017 concerning implementation of the relevant provisions of General Assembly resolutions 71/24 and 71/25, on the situation in the Middle East.

I. Introduction

1. The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolutions 71/24 and 71/25. In its resolution 71/24, the Assembly demanded once more that Israel withdraw from all the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of 4 June 1967 in implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions. In its resolution 71/25, the General Assembly stressed that a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the question of the City of Jerusalem should take into account the legitimate concerns of both the Palestinian and Israeli sides and should include internationally guaranteed provisions to ensure the freedom of religion and of conscience of its inhabitants, as well as permanent, free and unhindered access to the holy places by people of all religions and nationalities.

2. On 2 May, in order to fulfil my reporting responsibility under resolutions 71/24 and 71/25, I addressed notes verbales to the Permanent Representative of Israel and to the Permanent Representatives of all other States Members of the United Nations requesting them to inform me of any steps their Governments had taken or envisaged taking concerning implementation of the relevant provisions of those resolutions. As at 15 August 2017, replies had been received from Brazil, Iraq, Mexico and the State of Palestine. The replies are reproduced in section II of the present report.