Sida allocates EUR 36.7m to combat humanitarian disasters in the world

from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Published on 06 Feb 2004
Answering the UN's annual appeals for different countries and regions, Sida has decided to allocate EUR 36.7 million to alleviate crises in about 20 countries.
A positive change since last year is that Sudan, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo have all initiated peace processes, even though the humanitarian situation remains very serious. Apart from armed conflict, HIV/AIDS represents the biggest threat to development.

"This year we have prioritised HIV/AIDS prevention measures. The risks are considerable now that many refugees are returning to their homes in countries such as Angola and Sudan. It is vitally important that we help to implement forceful measures, not only in the already hard-hit areas of southern Africa but also in West Africa and Angola, for example, so that these regions do not suffer the same fate," says Johan Schaar, Head of the Section for Humanitarian Assistance at Sida.

Sida's assistance allocations are as follows (EUR millions in brackets): Palestine (5.7), Angola (5.45), Sudan (3.8), North Korea (2.8), Democratic Republic of Congo (3.3), Somalia (2.7), Liberia (2.2), Burundi (2.2), Uganda (1.6), Sierra Leone (1.6), Chechnya and neighbouring republics (1.2), Eritrea (1.1), Central African Republic (0.55) and Guinea (0.55). Additional funds for regional measures were granted to West Africa (0.75), Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali (0.75) and the Great Lakes region (0.45).

In addition, Sida funding to the tune of about EUR 11 million will go to southern Africa, a region devastated by AIDS.

Further assistance to combat humanitarian crises in the world will be allocated through other organisations and initiatives.

"There are still many conflicts in the world that don't receive much attention, such as the fighting in Burundi and northern Uganda. Chechnya is another difficult political conflict to solve, affecting hundreds of thousands of civilians. The situation for a great number of Palestinians is deteriorating; unemployment is on the rise and poverty is spreading," Johan Schaar adds.

More information, please contact Sida Press Office on +46 8 698 55 55.