Renovating Gaza’s Vocational Education System

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Over the course of the next three years, Islamic Relief will be overhauling the Gaza Strip’s vocational education system to create a long-lasting structure which will train Gazans in essential trades for years to come.

The project, worth 2.4m USD will establish a technical vocational and educational training board, two training councils and seven fully-equipped vocational training centres.

As a territory under blockade, it is almost impossible for teachers, trainers and specialists from outside to provide skill-training inside Gaza. Outside trade and hiring is not possible, so it is essential for the Gazan population to be able to rely on domestic skills and trades.

After 36 months, 100 people will have completed vocational teacher training and 1,000 students will have received vocational training. 32% of Gazans are unemployed; this project will help to develop the employability of those who struggle to find work. Of the 1,000 students trained, at least 75% will receive job opportunities.

A minimum of ten vocational sectors will be identified according to trades in high demand, with curricula and best practice manuals established.

Islamic Relief will be upgrading and renovating the seven centres to be used as vocational training centres and will ensure all have the equipment, supplies and furniture needed to run for three years.

Islamic Relief has been working in Gaza since 1998, which is home to one of our largest field offices in the world. We were one of the first to respond to the 2008-2009 war and this year we will be rebuilding schools and hospitals that were damaged in the bombings of November 2012.