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For the people of Gaza 11:30am on 27th December 2009 marks one year since the beginning of the invasion by the regions nuclear power Israel. During the weeks of the attack homes were destroyed and civil life came to an end. The action left 1,387 Palestinians, 347 of them children dead, civilian infrastructure destroyed and essential public services severely damaged.

This situation was made even worse by the cruel blockade that has been imposed on Gaza since 2007. It is still enforced today and blocks even the most basic necessities and essential reconstruction materials. This means the people of Gaza do not have the supplies needed to rebuild their shattered lives. As a year passes some may forget the devastation brought upon Gaza. But on the 27th December we shall remember as Muslim Aid continues to restore hope for thousands of Palestinians.

They Still Need Your Help

The work in Gaza is far from over and the continuance of the blockade still means that Gazans are in constant need of your help. While many have forgotten the plight of those in Gaza, Muslim Aid is still there serving the victims of aggression.

Please donate now and let our brothers and sisters in Gaza know they are not forgotten. Remember 27/12.

Still Restoring Hope

Our Work in Gaza

Despite the blockade Muslim Aid along with its partners have been on the ground in Gaza using the money you generously donated to provide essential needs for Gazans. Over the last year we have:

- Expanded our water sanitation project in Jabaliya.

- Increased the capacity on our mental health counselling programs.

- Seen a 40% increase in the amount of orphans we have been able to support.

- Begun a new micro-finance project to allow Palestinians to help themselves. All of this could not have been possible without your continuous help.