Qatar Charity implements three emergency health projects in Gaza

from Qatar Charity
Published on 08 Oct 2018

Qatar Charity (QC) has initiated the implementation of three emergency projects in the Gaza

Strip to provide adequate medical care to tens of thousands of wounded and patients and support the health sector of the region, which is under siege.

The first project involves providing the substances for hepatitis A virus testing to blood bank laboratories in the Gaza Strip. This aimed at ensuring that the donated blood units are safe and free of the virus.

Blood Units

The project seeks to provide blood units with the required specifications free of any diseases, which are made available by 11 blood bank laboratories in 11 hospitals of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the central laboratory in Gaza.

Mohammed Abu Haloub, director of QC’s office in the Gaza Strip said the aim of this project is to protect the wounded and patients in the hospitals of the Gaza Strip from the hepatitis A virus. He added that two other projects are aimed at providing medicines and emergency medical consumables in support of the health sector.

Emergency Medicines

Both projects include the provision of emergency medicines, medical consumables, laboratory solutions and some orthopedic fixation devices, as there is a serious shortage of such devices in the hospitals of the Gaza Strip, especially in the departments of emergency, general surgery, intensive care and overnight stay.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health there are no sufficient medicine and consumable stocks in the Gaza Strip, which is badly affecting the health services provided to the wounded and the patients.

Abu Haloub noted that the three emergency projects provided to the Ministry of Health at a cost of more than QR1.5mn, came to contribute to improving health services provided by the hospitals of the ministry in times of crisis.

He stressed that Qatar Charity can not neglect its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip, which is going through hardship, due the imposed siege, pointing out that this project is expected to benefit about 19,000 wounded, suffering from various injuries in recent times.

Continuous Support

Last April, QC’s office celebrated the operation of a medical waste treatment device, which is an environment-friendly device, aiming at improving the level of medical service in the Gaza Strip. This environment-friendly project was implemented by Qatar Charity at a cost of about QR1.1mn for the management of medical waste left by hospitals with the aim of improving the environmental situation in the Gaza Strip.

In January, QC’s office in the Gaza Strip helped perform surgeries for 600 poor patients under the Poor Patient Assistance Project, which was implemented in cooperation with six private hospitals in the various governorates of the Gaza Strip.

The cost of these operations conducted with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, amounted to QR2.8 million.