Qatar Charity implements 190 income-generating projects in Gaza this year

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Since the beginning of 2019, Qatar Charity’s office in the Gaza Strip has implemented some 190 income-generating projects, benefiting dozens of poor people with no income sources, at a total cost of $343,140.

These projects come at a time when the Ministry of Social Development in the Gaza Strip, said that the rates of poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip reached nearly 75 per cent in 2019.
These projects aim to provide a permanent source of income and create jobs for needy families, especially those with unemployed youth, in addition to contributing to improving their living and economic conditions.

“Contributing to promoting a positive societal view towards productive families is one of the main objectives of these projects, in addition to bringing peace and stability to the economic situation of the community,” said Eng. Mohamed Abu Haloub, director of Qatar Charity’s office in the Gaza Strip.

The families were selected according to criteria related to socio-economic aspects, beneficiary experience, capacities and skills to manage the project, family member support, and the implementation venue.

The income-generating projects, implemented by Qatar Charity through its office in the Gaza Strip, included fishing boats, poultry farms, rehabilitation of greenhouses, shops, dairy cows, goats, horse carts, sewing and embroidery machines, motorcycles for goods transportation, and selling carts. These projects are scheduled to continue until the end of 2019.

In 2018, Qatar Charity implemented more than 299 income-generating projects at a total cost of $634,859, benefiting more than 2,200 people.