Qatar Charity has fulfilled major developmental projects in Palestine

from Qatar Charity
Published on 16 Mar 2017 View Original

QC has implemented some projects in the West bank and took part in others. Some of the major projects were:

  • Economic empowerment program (DEEP) for poor families which has rescued 12000 Palestinian families suffering from extreme poverty.

  • Supplying Al Aqsa Mosque with fans.

  • Helping livestock keepers to be independent and have a sort of self-reliance through livestock development and increasing the market size.

  • Offering high-quality olive oil.

  • Interior reconstruction of certain houses.

  • Completion of building schools.

It is also worth mentioning that Qatar Charity and Reach Out To Asia (Rota) have signed an agreement to work together on improving the quality of education in governmental schools in the West Bank, and updating the educational sector through the development of facilities and teaching aids; and increasing teachers and students’ capacities.

In this regard, Qatar charity also signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Palestine to implement that project which targets governorates of Jerusalem, Jericho and the Jordan Valley, and aims to:

  • Develop the capacity of teachers and directors of a number of schools.

  • Create a reading culture.

  • Strengthen learning skills.

  • Encourage practicing the Arabic language.

  • Develop the curriculum and teaching resources.

  • Apply students’ skills in the professional fields.

  • Cement the relationship between the students and their parents.