PRCS Operational Update (30 March - 9 June 2018) [EN/AR]

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  • Following the official recognition by the American President, Donald Trump, of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, in blatant violation of all international laws and regulations, and a breach of Security Council Resolutions on the Status of Jerusalem, protests erupted all over the Palestinian occupied Palestinian territory (oPT). The protests increased in the oPt at the end of March during the commemoration of Land Day. On this occasion, protests erupted in the oPt and mainly in the Gaza Strip where a March of Return" was organized on 30/3 at the border of the Gaza Strip and continued until the reporting period which marks the 70th years of Nakba in May.

  • The Israeli occupation forces killed the medic Razan Al Najjar (21 years old) while on duty in Khan Younis. Razan was a volunteer with the Medical Relief Society to help people affected during the March of Return.PRCS stresses that this crime, which was premeditated and deliberate, committed by the occupation forces, is a war crime and constitute a flagrant violation of the provisions of International Humanitarian Law, which provides for the respect of medical personnel and the special protection guaranteed to them so that they can perform their humanitarian duty safely and without threat to their lives, and deliver their first aid and relief services to civilian victims living under occupation.

  • Due to the escalation of the protests, for the above mentioned reasons, and due to an increase in the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation, the PRCS launched an Emergency Appeal seeking support from its partners to be able to continue its provision of immediate humanitarian assistance, including support to health services for Palestinians. Furthermore, the Appeal will support the PRCS provision of humanitarian, social, rehabilitation and health services in the short and medium term to Palestinians in the oPT. For more information on the Appeal, see the following link: &parentid=11185

  • Some partners from the RCRC Movement have contributed to the Appeal. Here is a list of the RCRC contributors: Norwegian RC, German RC, ICRC, Turkish RC, British RC, Danish RC, Icelandic RC, Swedish RC, Kuwaiti RC, and Spanish RC. Other partners have contributed such as OPEC- OFID.

  • PRCS has received several visitors in support of its teams and humanitarian work such as:

  1. IFRC President, Dr. Francesco Rocca, and the accompanying delegation
  2. Turkish RC President, Dr. Kerem Kinik, and the accompanying delegation
  3. British Consul General, Mr. Philip Hall
  4. Director of OCHA in oPT, Mr. David Carden
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