PRCS inaugurates two community centers in the West Bank and Gaza

On June 06 2005, Palestine Red Crescent Society inaugurated a community center in the West Bank Village of Jabb'a near Jenin. Representatives from the Life for Relief and Development institution and the American Near East Relief Agency (ANERA) in addition to community members and the general public from the villages attended the ceremony.

PRCS President, Younis Al Khatib; Mayor of Jabb'a Village, Khaleel Salameh; Deputy Minister of local government; Hussein Al Araj; Director of Programs Development at the life for Relief and development institution, Muthana Al Hanouti; the Institution delegate in Palestine, Iyad Salman; ANERA' delegate in the Middle Ease region, Thomas Neu; Noel Jenka from ANERA' Public Relations Office in Washington, and Jubran Said, ANERA' Director of Projects opened the ceremony. Speakers praised the role of the PRCS, particularly during the current conflict, as well as the significant assistance provided by the Life for Relief and Development institution and ANERA's support to establish the center. It is worth mentioning that the center will provide health and social services to about 9500 citizens from the village of Jabb'a and those in need in the 15 surrounding villages.

On June 08 2005, PRCS inaugurated the second community center in Jabaliya, Gaza in the presence of Younis Al-Khatib PRCS President, Director of Programs Development from Life for Relief and Development institution, ANERA' delegate in the Middle Ease region and Dr. Jamal Abu Al Kheer, Head of the Administrative Board of PRCS Jabaliya branch. The center will include an Emergency Medical Services station, a primary health center, Disaster Management unit in addition to a volunteers' center.


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