PRCS Emergency Update #2 (Israeli escalation against Gaza 2022/August)


The recent escalation of hostilities in Gaza started on Friday 5th of August 2022 at around 16:00 hours Gaza time. Israel struck multiple targets in Gaza. Since 4 days before this apparently unprovoked strike against Gaza, Israel imposed a total siege on Gaza. It is worth noting that Gaza has remained under siege since 2007 with limited permits for people and goods.

The extent of damage and impact of this recent escalation is not yet clear nor how this escalation will develop in the coming days and weeks. In this context, PRCS has declared an emergency situation and activated its emergency operation room in Gaza and it has issued an emergency alert for its EMS stations in the West Bank.
As of today 06/08/2022, 16:00 pm, the situation has considerably escalated, since the Israeli forces continue to conduct airstrikes, ground and naval artillery shelling on various targets in Gaza. This resulted in the following:

  • 15 Palestinians, including 1 child and 2 women are reported killed and 125 are injured

  • Gaza’s main electricity power station announced that due to shortage of fuel, electricity will be limited to 4 hours per day. This directly impacts all services in general and health facilities - mainly hospitals - in particular.

  • Shelter Cluster reported 89 homes were severely damaged, 45 families are displaced and require NFI interventions and 622 homes are affected.


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