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Poll shows Palestinians support continuation of ceasefire with Israel

Al-Khalil, June 20, IRNA - An opinion survey shows that a majority of Palestinians support the de facto ceasefire with the Zionist state despite occasional violations by Israeli army and Palestinian resistance fighters.

The poll, conducted by the Beit-Sahur based Center for Public Opinion and published Monday, found that over three quarters of alestinians supported the continuation of the calm status.

Only 7% of respondents said they were strongly against the cease-fire and around 13 percent said they were somewhat against it.

However, a significant majority of 68% said they were worried or very worried about their personal security.

Prof. Nabil Kukali who supervised the study argued that many Palestinians felt insecure for two reasons: the persistence of Israeli repressive measures and the daily harassment facing Palestinians traveling through Israeli roadblocks and checkpoints.

And, second, the increasing lawlessness and chaos in the West Bank and Gaza Strip which he said stemmed from the failure of PA law-enforcement agencies to establish the rule of law.

The ongoing dialogue between the Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, seems also to enjoy widespread support among Palestinians.

The poll showed that over three quarters of Palestinians supported the dialogue between Fatah and Hamas.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas remains the most popular Palestinian politician.

According to the poll, 63% of Palestinians said they supported bbas in varying degrees.