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Poll: 55 per cent of Gazans support cease-fire

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Gaza (dpa) - A poll conducted by the State Information Service (SIS) of the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday said a majority of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip still supported a ceasefire with Israel.
The poll said 54.6 per cent of those were questioned supported the state of calmness (or ceasefire) agreed upon by Israel and the Palestinians at the February summit at Sharm el-Sheikh.

It added that 38 per cent were against the ceasefire and supported a continuation of militant attacks on Israel, while 7.4 per cent could not state a preference.

The supporters of the ceasefire with Israel said they believed that it was important to end the ongoing conflict by achieving a just and comprehensive peace.

The opponents of the ceasefire said they rejected it "because they don't trust the Israelis'', adding that "although attacks on Israel were halted, the Israel continued its military actions against them''.

A total of 703 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were polled.

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