PNIC: Seven killed and 17 wounded during 24th week of ceasefire

GAZA, Palestine, July 28, 2005 (IPC) - A report prepared by the State Information Service (SIS) revealed that Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinians and wounded 17 others as well as committing 354 violations of the ceasefire declared after Sharm Al Sheikh summit.

The report, released by the SIS' Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) asserted that between July 19 and July 25, 2005 Israeli forces shot Palestinians dead, injured others, arrested dozens and carried out many violations varying between house shelling, raids, incursions, land bulldozing and curbing of free movement.

PNIC showed that Israeli forces committed 148 shooting incidents and 30 arrest campaigns during 52 raids, as well as establishing 98 mobile roadblocks and closing roads and military checkpoints 114 times.

The report also tackled the attacks of armed Israeli settlers during the 24th week, which reached 11 assaults and five land-expropriation campaigns, in which 658 dunums of Palestinian-owned lands were expropriated.

PNIC asserted that all these violations have been consequent with the ever-ongoing detention of civilians at checkpoints, travel bans from border crossings and continuous settlement activities and construction of the Apartheid Wall.

Over the past 24 weeks and since the ceasefire understandings were declared on February 8, 2005 Israeli forces have violated this ceasefire 8878 times, resulting in the death of 67 Palestinians, injury of 602 and arrest of 1583 others.

Israeli soldiers also established - during the same period, 1934 roadblocks and expropriated 34653 dunums of arable lands in 75 campaigns. Israeli settlers also attacked civilians throughout the occupied Palestinian territories 311 times.