Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - Report of the Secretary-General (A/76/299–S/2021/749) [EN/AR]


General Assembly
Seventy-sixth session
Items 37 and 38 of the provisional agenda
The situation in the Middle East
Question of Palestine

Security Council
Seventy-sixth year


The present report is submitted in accordance with the request of the General Assembly in paragraph 15 of its resolution 75/22. The report, which covers the period from September 2020 to August 2021, contains replies received from the parties concerned to the note verbale sent by the Secretary-General pursuant to the request contained in resolution 75/22, as well as the observations of the Secretary-General on the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on international efforts to move the peace process forward, with a view to achieving a peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine.