Palestine Red Crescent Society Update #5, May12th, 2021 - 24:00hr

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A number of PRCS facilities sustain partial damage as a result of air bombardments in their vicinities. Heavy bombardment in the vicinity of the PRCS central warehouse and its Emergency Medical Services center in Gaza city resulted in partial damage to these facilities.

Another air strike on the Sausi Tower building which is located in the vicinity of PRCS’ Al-Quds hospital and the Tal-al-Hawa Towers resulted in the displacement of 10 families composed of 42 members (24 female and 18 male) who were temporary sheltered at the Al-Quds hospital.

Another residential apartment was bombarded in the vicinity of Al-Quds hospital (about 500 meters from the hospital) where PRCS emergency medical teams retrieved one injured person and two martyrs.

PRCS teams evacuated 13 displaced families during the day as a result of the heavy bombardment and fears of strikes in their area.

In addition to the PRCS central warehouse building damage, anther PRCS office in the Northern Gaza district was also partially damaged.

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