The Palestine Red Crescent Society’s delegation visits endangered Bedouin communities in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar

(Jerusalem- 22/12/2011): A mission from PRCS paid a visit today to residents of Bedouin communities facing the danger of destruction and expulsion in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area in the Jerusalem governorate by the Israeli authorities.

The PRCS mission consisted of Director of Operations Rabah Jabir, Director of Disaster Management Unit in the West Bank Bashir Ahmad, Director of Primary Health Care Program Dr. Anwar Dwaikat, Director of Humanitarian Aid Program Nazek Anabtawi and Director of Public Relations Erab Fuqaha’.

The residents of the community, of around 250 families in total, shared their concerns with the visiting group and let them in on the daily suffering they endure.

The mission visited the one and only school in the region, in the Abu Dahouk residential area. The school, consisting of tin and asbestos classrooms, provides education to more than 70 students in 6 elementary classes.

The visiting mission informed figures of the Bedouin communities of the variety of services PRCS provides in the areas of health care, social and psychosocial support and highlighted the aid it can offer them.

Residents demanded authorities take serious measures to improve their living conditions, for they are fighting a war against forced displacement and expulsion and endure harsh living conditions due to lack of services.

They stressed the need to provide their community with proper health care, including medication and medical services, and improve the conditions of the school in the central concentration area. They also highlighted the need for moral support to students and their families and for greater attention to the community’s cause locally and on the media level.

Abu Khamis Al-Jahalin, a figure of one of the Bedouin communities, pointed out that his own, as well as five other neighbouring communities, are threatened with destruction and expulsion. The lawsuit against these communities will be examined by an Israeli court on the 27th of this month.

Finally, he praised the services PRCS provides to residents of different areas. He expressed his gratitude for the mission’s visit and support to Bedouin communities and called on all Palestinian institutions to provide full support and assistance to the unwavering citizens of Bedouin communities.


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