Palestine: Flash Floods DREF operation no. MDRPS004 - Update No.1


Summary: CHF 68,271 was allocated from the IFRC's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 27 January 2010 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 1,500 beneficiaries1 and to replenish disaster preparedness stocks in sight of future heavy rains.

Thanks to the activities included in the DREF allocation, Palestine Red Crescent Society (Palestine RC) was better prepared to face the new heavy rains that hit Gaza during the last days of February. Both the training of new volunteers and the production of information materials have proven to be useful. Volunteers were in the areas of risk before the beginning of the announced heavy rains and informed the population on measures to be taken. They were able to rescue people from the 46 houses that were partially flooded, as well as to distribute non-food aid to the affected families. The impact of these rains was fortunately less disastrous than the previous ones.

This operation is expected to be implemented in three months, and completed by 30 April 2010. In line with Federation reporting standards, the Final Report (narrative and financial) is due 90 days after the end of the operation (by 31 July 2010).