Palestine: Extreme winter conditions DREF Operation n° MDRPS008

Situation Report
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The announced heavy rain fall and snow storms hit the West Bank and Gaza on 10 December 2013 and are still affecting the Palestinian population in West Bank and Palestine. The heavy rain and snow has generated floods in several parts of Palestine and thousands of families have been evacuated from their houses. The extreme weather conditions has also caused several deaths, including a baby in Gaza who was reported dead, as the family’s home was inundated.

PRCS proactively activated its four operation rooms in the West Bank and Gaza on Monday 10 December in preparation for the expected mountaintop snowstorm announced to hit parts of the country Tuesday 11 in the evening and continue for days, hitting hardest on Thursday 12. PRCS emergency teams have since been operating day and night to respond to the emerging needs caused by the snow, heavy rain and flooding; primarily providing non-food relief and temporary shelter items, first aid and assistance to more than 20,000 persons. During the period, PRCS has moreover supported the evacuation of almost 10,000 people suffering from the extreme weather conditions.