Palestine: Extreme Weather Conditions - Operation Final Report DREF n° MDRPS011

Situation Report
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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This DREF Operation Update reports on the progress of the ongoing response operation for the affected population of the extreme weather conditions, specifically related to; relief items distributed to affected and importation of tarpaulins.

This DREF Operation is being extended for an additional two months aiming to finalize the planned DREF activities. COVID-19 and movement restrictions have delayed the implementation of some activities and lead to cancelation of others. Remaining balance will be reallocated for additional procurement of Hygiene Kits (669) to replenish distributed stocks.

Description of the disaster

Extreme weather conditions hit the WB and Gaza Strip started on Saturday 18 January including heavy rain floods, winds, and low-temperature cold wave. The heavy rain generated floods in several parts of Palestine and thousands of people were affected with many families being evacuated from their homes. The extreme weather conditions resulted in the deaths of three people: two in the Gaza Strip and one in Jerusalem due to the heavy rains and flooding.

The weather events deeply affected local communities, particularly in the Gaza Strip where thousands of people already remain displaced and live in semi-structured or transitional shelters or tents due to loss of their homes during the recent escalation in hostilities. For the first time in the Gaza Strip, the temperature approached zero at night at a time where it was not possible to operate the heating systems due to electricity cuts. Furthermore, gas stations in the Gaza Strip had insufficient fuel to provide to people to operate their own generators. Additionally, vendors providing cooking gas had insufficient stock.