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OPT/Lebanon: Situation Report, 05 Jun 2007

Situation Report
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Beirut- Monday night, a powerful blast ripped through an empty bus parked at the entrance to a business center in Sad Boushriyeh northeast of Beirut wounding at least ten people. The explosion is the fourth since fighting started in and around Nahr el Bared camp, wrecked a bus parked in the residential and industrial Boushriyeh suburb and caused damages to some 20 cars in the vicinity.

Clashes around the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp decreased in intensity yesterday, but the Lebanese Army continued to shell Fatah al-Islam positions. A number of Fateh Islam elements have reportedly surrendered to Fateh mainstream that in turn handed them over to the Lebanese Army.

Tensions also remained high in and around the Ein al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp yesterday, a day after three Lebanese Army soldiers were killed during battles with Jund al-Sham elements. Three soldiers and two civilians were also wounded during the intermittent clashes at Ein al-Hilweh. The army increased its presence near the camp - for the second time within the past month - and Palestinian refugees were seen fleeing from their homes because of the deadly clashes.


Situation in the north: Seven UNRWA staff members are still inside Nahr el Bared. Humanitarian situation inside Nahr El Bared is deteriorating. Camp inhabitants suffer from shortage of food, electricity and medical supplies. It is estimated that 5,742 families have left the Camp. In Beddawi Camp, all UNRWA installations (other than schools) are operating normally.

So far, a total of 4831 displaced families are in North Lebanon Area (inside and outside Beddawi).

Situation in CLA: All UNRWA installations operating normally. A total of 375 displaced families from Nahr el Bared Camp have arrived in Central Lebanon Area (Beirut).

Situation in Beqaa: All UNRWA operations in Beqaa area are functioning normally. A total of 90 displaced families have arrived in the Beqaa area.

Situation in Tyre: All installations operating normally. A total of 194 displaced families from Nahr el Bared Camp arrived to Tyre area.

Situation in Saida: The situation is still calm but tense in Ein al-Hilweh. The army is still closing the eastern entrance of Ein El Hilweh camp. UNRWA Saida area schools opened today but students did not report. The situation is normal in Mieh Mieh camp. A total of 252 displaced families had arrived to Saida from Nahr el Bared Camp.