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OPT/Lebanon: Emergency operations & coordination update - 10 Jun 2007

The following is an update by area on the major coordination and action points of UNRWA and NGOs. UNRWA is continually thankful of the support NGOs have provided and the work they continue to do in assistance to Palestine refugees displaced from Nahr el-Bared to and indeed throughout Lebanon.

Water & Sanitation

It was agreed yesterday by UNRWA and the Higher Relief Committee to connect nine generators to the water heaters in Beddawi Camp. The maintenance of all toilet blocks including the new blocks is completed. Electrical lamp and light maintenance was completed yesterday in Jordan River School all are now working.

Distribution and collection of garbage bags in all rooms of schools in Beddawi is being done on daily basis. Maintenance of shelters of those hosting people is also continuing at the rate of approximately 10 shelters daily.

Today two meetings will be held, one with Lebanon Support and one with NGOs regarding the testing of water. Further checks will be made today of shelters of hosting people who need maintenance.


Many NGOs are working at the schools on the protection issue. Regarding the academic learning, Brevet students are receiving their classes and UNRWA has provided the books and transportation.

Physical education has been provided to students some attend sporting activities on a daily basis such as football and ping-pong. There has been a request, to establish whether sick people are attending for health check ups or not. Guidance and counselling committees are working on assuring good health of the students and detect for the trauma and stress in families. Psychosocial activities being provided are also helping.

NGO, Right to Play is helping with many activities. Three puppet shows for children were held at Majdal school and the NGO- Nabah conducted a clown show.

A crafts committee has started in Beddawi Camp to provide an activitiy for displaced women in Beddawi Camp.


Today, 650 school bags and stationary kits have been distributed by Irshad and Islah Organizations (Qatar Red Crescent). Nabah distributed 500 t-shirts to children.


Vaccination has continued for 565 children against poliomyelitis and 2503 children against measles. At least 12 pregnant women were identified to deliver in June and July.

Supplies in Beddawi Camp health clinic are adequate.


The installation of curtains and partitions in rooms at the public Beddawi School continued today, as well as the supply of electric generators in each school and the health clinic.

There is now a generator set up in case of emergency, which is on stand by. There are 78 families who have moved from Beddawi Camp to Beddawi Intermediate School for Girls.

Relief and Social Services

The Kuwait Red Cross has offered to provide food package. Emergency items were distributed as well as cash subsidies for 587 families. As of today, 1201 families in extreme need have received UNRWA's cash subsidy assistance.