OPT: Yabad municipality inaugurates new town hall

News and Press Release
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Jenin: On 21 September 2005, Mayor Walid Abadi, long-time resident of the community of Yabad, welcomed guests and community members to inaugurate the new Municipal Hall. The Hall is a gift from the American people.

Yabad is an agricultural town of 15,000 residents, known for its olive harvests, located 13 km west of Jenin City. The modern Municipal Hall has three floors, with office space for the departments of Water, Public Health, Electricity, City Planning, and other vital offices. School and youth programs have already been conducted in the new meeting room. Construction of the Municipal Hall started in January 2005, generating 3,000 workdays of employment.

This project followed construction of a new road, establishing a connection between Yabad and the major link to Jenin. Both the new Municipal Hall and Road were built by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of the road rehabilitation program with the Palestinian Authority.

The Inauguration was attended by Deputy Minister of Local Government Hussein Al Araj, Governor of Jenin Qdura Musa, and Deputy Minister of Finance Jihad Al Wazer.

Some $11 million is being used for repair and rehabilitation of roads, municipal halls and infrastructure. To date, some 53 projects have been completed and others are in various stages of implementation and more than 55,000 work-days of employment have been generated.

USAID has spent more than $1.7 billion in the West Bank and Gaza to combat poverty, create jobs, improve education, build water systems, construct and equip medical clinics, and promote good governance.