OPT: The Regional Management Council takes constructive decisions to activate the work of (Monitor) departments

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and launches the department "Yasser kashlak" to document violations of Israeli settlers

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The attacks by the Israeli settlers against Palestinian citizens has Increased recently in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, and it is not the last, the trample process by a settler drove his car towards one of the Palestinian citizens in front of cameras and before the eyes of the occupation forces and it has been posted on all visual media, including the so-called Israel television.

The attempt of settlers to do terrorist and continuous attacks through forming gangs and groups to suppress the Palestinian citizens and assault them and their property is a repeat for history of Zionist gangs, , "Stern and theIrgoun" and "Haganah which appeared in the thirties and Forties of the last century and that there was no significant difference between what settlers gangs are doing right now and what the Haganah and other bands had done before, and that the risk is greater than the case ever was before, Those settlers assault and harm in broad daylight and with support and protection from the Israeli occupation forces, hence it became clear that these processes are organized and planned within the Program of the Israeli extremist government.

Based on our principles of human rights defense with transparency and credibility, The Regional Management Council of the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Monitor) decided at its meeting yesterday, Friday, 11/12/2009 to launch a department specialized in documenting violations and crimes of the settlers in the occupied Arab Palestinian territories, the Council has been elevated at its meeting by activating this department significantly to document all the crimes and violations , and place it in a periodic reports in hands of the Arab and Western public opinion in three languages Arabic, English and French.

The Council is also defined the name of this department, ((Yasser kashlak to document violations of the settlers)) and it will officially start working on the date Monday 14/12/2009 with a crew and a competent mechanism, the decision was taken to commission Mr. Ahmed Diab, the Executive Director of the Association in Egypt the general supervision on this department, and Mrs. Afaf Al-Dajani Director of the Jerusalem office responsible for monitoring, and the colleague Naden Al-Shami of the Office of Lebanon responsible for documentation and management.

The Council decided to commission our colleague Sharif Ismail of Egypt Office to be responsible for the French Translation Department and colleague Sabrin Akr of the Office of Lebanon is responsible for The Department of English Translation.

Why did The Department called Yasser kashlak to document violations of the settlers? The reason is to honor the name of Mr. Yasser kashlak "the head of Free Palestine Movement" in the framework of our Association after he has given substantial assistance to the poor and young Palestinians in the Diaspora and his contributions for human illness cases,which the Palestinian officials failed to help, and after his support for our Association and its activities, and his Absolute support for human rights issues in the Palestinian and Arab world.

To contact with "Yasser kashlak Department to document violations of the settlers" via e-mail: yasserkashlak@pal-monitor.org