OPT: Qatar Charity collects Q.R.711.000 for specialized pediatric hospital in Gaza

Revenues of the humanitarian Campaign launched by the Charity and its branches inside the State of Qatar for the "Specialized Pediatric Hospital" in Gaza amounted to Q.R.711.000. It targeted to completely furnish the sections of kidneys and speculums, neurology and cardiology.

On his part, Mr. 'Abdullah Husain al-Ni'mah, the Charity's General Manager, thanked benefactors for their generous support to Gaza Appeal. He also urged the benefactors to continue their support of good work.

It is expected that this program may cost Q.R 1968000, of which Q.R.970000 for kidneys and speculums sections (Q.R. 765000 and 157 000 respectively, 47000 for offices and sanitary service), Q.R.998000 for neurology and cardiology sections (Q.R.417000 and 528700 respectively).

According to Mr.al-Ni'mah,"Lives of ten thousands of Palestinian children are in danger due to bad health conditions and siege. Only one apparatus is available for brain-graphy and 10% of Gazans are in need of speculums."

Thus, he called for benefactors in Qatar to generously support this project since health care for children constitutes one of the main goals of charitable activities so as to save "The Children and the Old" from the aftermaths of the unjust siege.

It is worth mentioning that this project mainly aims at helping 85 children experiencing semi /renal failure, in addition to hundreds of children who are experiencing renal diseases. There are also some 37000 children in need of medical neurological services and 4500 heart patients.

By the way, it is important to state that "Specialized Pediatric Hospital" in Gaza offers its specialized services to children of 12 years old and general services to those of 15 years old.