OPT: Protection of civilians weekly report 16 - 22 May 2007

Situation Report
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Of note this week

Gaza Strip:

Palestinian inter-factional violence continued between 16 and 19 May before a ceasefire came into effect that has largely held. 40 people were killed (including three children and one woman) and 106 injured during internal violence. With the ceasefire rival factions exchanged abducted persons, withdraw fighters from the streets and dismantled roadblocks.

Palestinian/Israeli hostilities escalated this week following continuing Qassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip:

- Approximately 190 Qassam rockets and five mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip killing one Israeli woman and injuring 15 others in and around Sderot. The rockets have damaged Israeli property including private homes, a synagogue, school and other public buildings.

- 37 Palestinians have been killed (including five children) and 113 injured during IAF air strikes (approx. 33 strikes), IDF tank and artillery shelling and fire from the Border Fence. In one incident seven members of a family were killed. A total of 21 Palestinian structures including Palestinian homes, workshops and stores were damaged.

- At the end of the reporting period, the IDF remain in three areas in the northern Gaza Strip (Erez Industrial Zone, east of Beit Hanoun and Siafa area northwest of Beit Lahia). The IDF have maintained these locations since 17 May.

The BBC's Gaza based correspondent, Alan Johnston, has been missing for more than ten weeks after being abducted on 12 March 2007.

West Bank:

PA workers continued strike action during this week throughout the West Bank with all PA workers holding a one day strike on 19 May. The health sector strike has continued since mid-February with only emergency cases being treated in hospitals. An agreement has reportedly been reached in the Education sector with PA teachers suspending strike action.

During one day of external closures, Palestinians with valid permits from the Israeli authorities were denied access to East Jerusalem and Israel.

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