OPT: PNIC: 4242 killed people, 793 were children, and 46068 wounded since the beginning of Al-Aqsa uprising

GAZA, Palestine, January 16, 2006 (IPC) - The number of the killed people since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa uprising on 28-9-2000 and until 31 December 2005 have reached 4242 killed people, whereas the number of wounded have reached 46068.
A report issued by the Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) which belongs to the State Information Service (S.I.S), mentioned that the number of the killed children who are underage went up to reach 793.

The number of the people who were killed by the Israeli air-bombing reached 732; 270 female killed people; and 344 members of the national security.

According to the report, the number of the (extra-judicial executed people) reached 376 citizens, whereas the number of the ill patients who died because of the Israeli hurdles and checkpoints reached 140.

61 people at least were killed because of the settlers' attacks. And 36 ones from the medical staffs and 9 of the civil defense crew also were killed, in addition to 9 journalists and press workers, and 220 sportsmen.

The number of the prisoners and the detainees who are still imprisoned reached 9200, 580 of them got imprisoned before A-Aqsa uprising. Whereas, the number of the school and university students prisoners reached 1389, and 301 children out of this number are held in custody.

205 prisoners are from the teachers and employees of the Ministry of High Education.

1200 Male prisoners suffer from chronic diseases. The number of the Female prisoners reached 116, whereas, 67 prisoners of them are tried, 43 are on remand and 6 prisoners are administrative detainees.

PNIC's report referred also that the gross total of the houses which were completely and partially damaged reached 71470. 7628 houses of them got damaged completely, 4785 of them locate in Gaza Strip. Whereas, the number of the houses which were damaged partially reached 63842, and 4785 houses of them locate in Gaza Strip.

12 universities and schools were closed because of military commands; 1125 high educational associations were suspended, because of the Israeli aggression. Whereas the number of the institutions of the Ministry of Education which were subjected to the Israeli bombardment is 316; and were commandeered by the Israeli occupation troops.

According to the Israeli violations in the agricultural sector, the report made clear that the area of the lands which were raze up measured 76867 dunums. 1355290 trees were uprooted. 770 agricultural stores were demolished by the occupation. 756 pens were swept away. 31263 dunums provided with irrigation nets and 1327 water wells were destroyed.

The fences of the agricultural lands which were destroyed measured 609593 meter. And 929984 m. of the main water pipes were also bulldozed.

The number of the farmers who sustained loses because of the Israeli aggressions reached 16195, where the number of the swept-away arboretums reached 16, in addition to damaging 16 tractors and various agricultural instruments.

The number of the shops which were entirely demolished since 1-10-2001 to 30-April 2005 reached up to 9208.

The report mentioned that 899776 broilers perished and 350292 layers.14749 sheep and goats were killed and 12132 caws and cattle. 15265 bee hives were havocked. 404 wells with their accessories were demolished; in addition 207 houses belong to the farmers.

The report stated that the number of the workers who got unemployed, according to the survey results of the first quarter of 2005, reached 272 (26.3%), where, the percentage of poverty in the Palestinian territories reached, because of the Israeli closure, 67.6%, this is according to the results of the poverty survey in December 2003.

The Israeli violations casers against the journalist reached 753, where, the recorded cases of the Israeli Air-bombing against the residential neighborhoods since 1-10-2001 reached 33153.

The checkpoints which were set up by the Israeli occupation forces reached 3817.

The total number of the lands which were confiscated for the use of the apartheid wall since 29-3-2002 reached 243866 dunums. And 417 industrial facilities subjected to grave damages because of the Israeli Violations, according to what was stated by the Ministry of National Economy.