OPT: Norway disburses NOK 60 million for salaries in the Palestinian civilian public sector

According to Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, Norway has now disbursed NOK 60 million (about USD 10 million) for salaries of employees in the Palestinian civilian public sector.

"We hope our contribution will help to alleviate the current social crisis in the Palestinian Territory, particularly for the many extended families with only one breadwinner," said the Foreign Minister.

"The critical situation in Gaza has many causes, but it has been exacerbated by social destitution and despair. It is therefore particularly important that the Palestinian authorities receive financial support from the international community," said Mr Støre.

"It is important that not all of the assistance is provided in the form of humanitarian emergency relief, but that we also support the Palestinian state-building process by providing funds for the operation of key Palestinian institutions."