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OPT: Internal security situation continues to deteriorate

Ref: 93/2005

Last night in the Gaza Strip there were 4 serious incidents relating to the internal security situation including a hand grenade was thrown at the house of the PNA's Attorney General, a Policeman was shot dead and another person was wounded in an explosion inside a house -- finally, two military intelligence agents were injured in another shooting incident.

According to PCHR's investigation yesterday, Monday the 1st of July, at around 22.45 unknown people threw a hand grenade at the house Hussein Abu 'Assi the PNA Attorney General in the Sabra neighbourhood in Gaza City. Abu 'Assi was at his house although nobody was injured -- however, some damage was sustained to a wall in front of the house. Almost at the same time unknown masked and armed people in a civilian car obstructed the route of a taxi while driving in the northern area of Gaza City. Under threat of arms the driver, Hamid Ali Makowi (24 years old), and another passenger, Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Zayed (34 years old) were forced out of the car. Ahmed Abu Zayed's children were also present in the car. The gunmen then shot Abu Zayed killing him instantly. Makowi was injured by a gunshot wound to his hand. PCHR fieldworkers reported that Abu Zayed was a policeman and well known activists in the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (the military wing of the Fatah movement).

Prior to these two incidents, at around 21.30, unknown persons driving in a civilian car opened fire at 2 members of the Palestinian military intelligence while walking in al Wahada Street in the middle of Gaza City. Both men were injured and transferred to al Shifa hospital. The were named as:

1. Fayez Mohammad Abu al O'uf, 29 years old;

2. Ahmed Shaker Hejju, 27 years old.

Both men are from Gaza City. The first sustained severe injuries and he is in a critical condition while the other was reported by medical sources to be in a moderate condition.

Around 23.45 on the same evening an explosion occurred in the house of Shihda Lafi al Najar in Banisuhaila (to the east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip). Mosalam Salman al Najar, 27 years old, and a member of the national security, was killed while Mohammad Ahmed al Najar, 23 years old was injured by shrapnel throughout his body. According to initial investigations by PCHR they were preparing a device which exploded.

PCHR condemns and points with great concern to the attack against the Attorney General who is legally obliged to investigate the instances of law breaking and criminality inside the OPT in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. PCHR reiterates its demands to the PNA to take serious and effective measures, within the limits of international standards and domestic law, in order to preserve public order and the rule of law. PCHR also demands that the attorney general himself fulfil his duties in order to prevent further such attacks.

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